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Yumehara Chiyo


Character Name
Full Name Yumehara Chiyo
Kanji 夢原 知予
Furigana ゆめはら ちよ
Aliases Chiyopipi
Personal Info
Age 16 years old
Birthday June 11
Blood type B
Gender Female
Height 156 cm
Weight Unknown
Occupation Student
School PK Academy
Manga Chapter 5
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
English Jill Harris
Japanese Tamura Yukari

Yumehara Chiyo (夢原 知予 Yumehara Chiyo) is a romantic and dreamy girl who had a lot of painful love experiences with boys.


Yumehara Chiyo is a petite girl with short orange brown hair tied with a hairband. In school, she wears the standard female uniform of PK Academy.


Yumehara is a romantic girl who would do anything for love, as proven by her many attempts to get Kusuo to notice her before moving on to Takeru. After breaking up with Takeru, she starts chasing Kusuo again only to later fall for Shun instead.


Chiyo, as Mikoto has said have an extreme unluckiness when it comes to relationships and boys. He once dated Akanishi Shinichi who keeps on borrowing money from her and Shinoda Takeru who has a bad attitude and stinky feet.



  • She maintained a website during her 3rd year of junior high which contained a novel she'd written with herself as the protagonist (it has been closed).[1]
  • She ranks #139 out of 181 students.
  • Her name is from the word Prophetic Dreams (予知夢, Yochi Yume)


  1. TV Tokyo


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