Soul Shout
Soul Shout
Character Name
Full Name Soul Shout
Kanji 魂の叫び
Furigana ソウルシャウト
Personal Info
Birthday September 23
Blood type AB
Gender Male
Occupation Singer

Soul Shout (魂の叫び, ソウルシャウト) is the musician that first appeared in Volume 0.


Soul Shout failed to sell his CDs of which he was indebted for 10 million yen due to fraudulent and unscrupulous music producer and was tempted to do suicide after six months on a certain building when he ran into Kusuo and Nendou. The two helped him get through his suicidal thoughts and sold his CD's to people. He was later shown to have been faring well as his songs gets to play in karaokes[1] and some time later, during Kusuo's birthday, he greeted Kusuo in a video.[2]