Shiragami Fudekichi
Character Name
Full Name Shiragami Fudekichi
Kanji 白神 筆吉
Furigana しらがみ ふできち
Personal Info
Age 21 years old
Gender Male
Affiliation Weekly Shounen Cognac
Occupation Mangaka
Manga Debut Chapter 172

Fudekichi Shiragami (白神 筆吉, しらがみ ふできち lit. Shiragami Fudekichi) is the author of a manga that Kusuo likes to read called Silent Cyborg. Kusuo’s dad actually works as a manga editor for the magazine that Silent Cyborg is published in (there are a couple other chapters where we get to see Kuniharu working too) but right now he’s assigned to work with Shiragami on Si-Cy.