Saiko Metori

Chara Metori

Character Name
Full Name Saiko Metori
Kanji 才虎 芽斗吏
Furigana さいこ めとり
Aliases Young Master
Personal Info
Birthday September 8
Blood type O
Gender Male
Height 163 cm
Weight 50 kg
Affiliation Saiko Corporation
Family Saiko Father
School PK Academy
  • 2nd Year
  • 3
Manga Chapter 114
Voice Actors
English Adam Gibbs
Japanese Matsuzake Masaya

Saiko Metori is the scion of the top-notch Saiko Conglomerate. He later transfers to PK Academy after falling in love with Kokomi when he was in the city. His defining traits are being rich and smug.


Metori transferred to PK Academy in order to get closer to Kokomi but things stop going his way after transferring in when Teruhashi declines his offer because she still likes Kusuo. Metori tries threatening Kusuo and his friends by buying their parents’ companies and transferring them to Siberia (but of course Kusuo doesn’t let that slide), and after that he just kind of hangs around and tries to make people jealous of how rich and great he is.


Metori is adorned with golden accessories from his earrings, to the rings on his fingers and on his belt. His hair is colored with two tones, gray with black roots. He is mostly seen not wearing his PK Academy uniform and instead wears a polo shirt.


Metori is severely narcissistic and arrogant due to his rich upbringing and pampered life, he constantly bosses around anyone from his class using a stack of money like Takahashi, bringing his own chef to school during lunch and bodyguards wherever he goes. He, like every boy who fell for Kokomi does everything he could to get her attention but he fails to do so and instead moved his attention to threatening Kusuo and his friends. He is seen to be keen on following his family's tradition as he would do what his father tasked him to do even if it's again his will like walking on his way home.

Metori likes to show off his wealth and invites anyone he wants to be on his side like Kusuo, Nendou, Kaidou, and Kuboyasu of which he later learns the painful reality that he can't always make everyone dance in his money.


  • Saiko Metori's name is from the word Psychometry (サイコメトリー, Saikometori).[1]
  • In his profile data, Metori was said to have received a private island the year before he moved to PK Academy.


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