List of Dr. Kusuke's Inventions

Control Device (Limiters)


Kusuo's Limiter

Devices used to take control of Kusuo's psychic powers. The devices were first made by Kusuke when Kusuo was still a 5th grade student. It's original shape would be an antennae but it is referred as a "hairpin" due to Kusuo's hypnotic powers. When the device is removed, Kusuo's full psychic power goes out of control and multiplies by the amount of time his powers were limited. Removing his limiters where shown to depict the world's destruction. When the control devices were reinstalled, it would take time before his powers stabilizes. The control devices cannot stop the growth of Kusuo's power.

Kusuke No.1

Kusuke No.1

Kusuke No.1

A simple robot that Kusuke made sometime in his childhood. It is controlled by a remote, which he uses to impress Kuniharu. It was later destroyed by a young Kusuo using his own robot which he made out of Pocky box and a couple of sticks.

Telepath Canceller

Telepathy Canceller

Kusuke wearing his Telepathy Canceller

The device has the capability to disable the telepathy of Kusuo, preventing the latter from reading his thoughts. It's appearance is similar to that of Kusuo's control device minus the other antennae which it holds only one. This device ended Kusuke's research on telepathy.

Time Machine

The device that is capable of going to and fro the past and the future. It was first introduced in one of the parallel world in the series, "The Modified 2014" where the future Kusuke explains how he created the time machine personally just to revive Kusuo who had died that year. It was revealed by Reita that Kusuke was the reason for the World War 3 but Kusuke explains he just indirectly did it when people fought for the time machine he invented.


Another device that was introduced in "The Modified 2014". It has the feature of displaying hologram image in the air.

Machines for the Elderly

These suits can be used by the elderly to greatly enhance their mobility. It is most notably used by Kumi and Kumagoro, and was eventually revealed to have actually been created by Kusuke with the intention of defeating Kusuo.


A robot cat with the ability to act like a perfect living cat and has cognitive as well as various features. Kusuke mentioned that it was for the 22nd wedding anniversary of his parents but implicitly for his mother who has an allergy for cats.

Possible Inventions

Flying Machine

Kusuke's Unnamed Flying Machine

Unnamed Flying Machine

This unnamed device was used by Kusuke while he was playing tag with Kusuo in London. It has the appearance of a hang glider with bat like wings, and seems to be powered by wind.

Jet Pack


Kusuke's Jetpack

Used by Kusuke when the Saiki family visited London, it is possible that Kusuke himself invented it.