Use your power for the sake of really troubled and really kind people, okay?

—to Kusuo

Saiki Kurumi


Kurumi manga

Saiki's Parents

Character Name
Full Name Saiki Kurumi
Kanji 斉木 久留美
Furigana さいき くるみ
Personal Info
Age 37 Years Old
Birthday May 14, 1977
Blood type O
Gender Female
Height 145 cm
Weight Secret
Occupation Housewife
School PK Academy
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
English Voice Morgan Garrett
Japanese Voice Aikawa Rikako
Live Action Uchida Yuki

Kurumi Saiki(斉木 久留美, さいき くるみ lit. Saiki Kurumi) is the mother of Kusuo and Kusuke and the wife of Saiki Kuniharu. Kurumi is one of the supporting characters of the series and was starred by Uchida Yuki in the live action of the series.


Kurumi is considerably younger looking for her age (37 years old) and has a kindly appearance. She sports dark purple eyes and short black hair that is styled exactly like Kusuo's, the only difference being that her hair is slightly longer. In the one-shot volume of the series, she sported long black hair which reached her waist and was tied into a ponytail with a ribbon.


Kurumi is a kind and gentle mother who, according to Kusuo was one of the prominent reasons why he hasn't done bad things using his psi powers. She is also very trusting of and never doubts other people. However, when driven pushed her limits, Kurumi becomes scary and hunts down anyone who threaten her family. She loves her family a great deal.


  • (To Kusuo) "Use your power for the sake of really troubled and really kind people, okay?"


  • After meeting her husband Saiki Kuniharu on November 22, 1994, they got married a year later on the same day.
  • She is allergic to cats.
  • Her maiden name is the same as her married name.
  • During one of Saiki Kurumi's lover's quarrel with Kuniharu, it resulted on Kusuo finding out that both has the same level of love for each other with a result of 38,689 in Kusuo's affection meter.


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