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Saiki Kuniharu


Saiki's Parents

Character Name
Full Name Saiki Kuniharu
Kanji 斉木 國春
Furigana さいき くにはる
Personal Info
Age 39 years old
Birthday May 13, 1975
Blood type B
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Weight 64 kg
Affiliation Weekly Shounen Konyaku
Occupation Manga Editor
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
English Chuck Huber
Japanese Mitsuo Iwata
Live Action Tanabe Seiichi

Saiki Kuniharu is the father of Kusuo and Kusuke and the husband of Kurumi.


Kuniharu often wears a suit and tie when going to work. He sports a pair of glasses and has brown hair and eyes, a change from his first appearance in the one-shot volume of the series where he has black hair and eyes.[1]


He is sloppy and slovenly, often begging with disgusting teary faces towards his son. He is a layman who is often seen licking the shoes of his boss. He works as a manga editor. His special skill is flattering his boss. His father (paternal grandfather of Kusuo and Kusuke) has passed away while his mother (paternal grandmother of Kusuo and Kusuke) lives in a family house.


  • After meeting his wife Saiki Kurumi in November 22, 1994, they got married a year later at the same day.[2]
  • He met Nendou's father in the past and the reason why he met his wife right now.[3]
  • His father is dead


  1. Volume 0
  2. Chapter 124
  3. Chapter 125


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