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Character Name
Full Name Saiki Kumi
Kanji 斉木 久美
Furigana さいき くみ
Personal Info
Birthday March 24
Blood type O
Gender Female
Height 154 cm
Weight Unknown
Occupation Housewife
Manga Chapter 92
Anime Episode 19
Voice Actors
Japanese Tanaka Rie

Saiki Kumi is the wife of Saiki Kumagoro, Saiki Kurumi's mother, the mother-in-law of Saiki Kuniharu, and grandmother of Saiki Kusuo and Saiki Kusuke.


Chara Kumi
Despite her old age, Kumi keeps the style of a modern teenage japanese girl, wearing clothes sexy for her style and a skirt shorter than her knees.


Kumi is the lackadaisical kind of grandmother with a habit of wearing teenager clothes. After learning about Kusuo's psychic powers, she started asking him to teleport her to Shinjuku.


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