Saiki Kusuo

Saiki Kusuke

Saiki Kuniharu

Saiki Kurumi

Saiki Kumi

Teruhashi Kokomi

Kokomi met Kumagoro by chance when he lost his wife Kumi somewhere in the city. After dripping a call that his wife is lost, Kumagoro sat dejectedly in front of the telephone post when Kokomi talked to him. He thought she was an angel that saves him. Telling her the problem, she then lends him a hand and asked for the name of the house Kumagoro was looking for. After learning it was the 'Saiki' house, Kokomi got the clue that he was actually Kusuo's grandfather. She then tried to curry flavor the talk but it ended to her demise as Kumagoro was a doting grandfather. The meeting of the two worried Kusuo but he later stopped following the two because it was too unbearable. In the house, Kumi casts her vote for Mikoto as her granddaughter-in-law but Kumagoro wasn't keen to her idea as he wanted Kokomi for Kusuo.

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