Saiki Kusuo

Nendou calls Kusuo his partner after the day he saved him when Takahashi framed him. Since then, he has been sticking to Kusuo like a glue and always asks him out to eat ramen. Kusuo is usually the friend Nendou has who actually think he's a nice guy along with their gang despite having a scary face.

Kaidou Shun

Nendu and Kaidou used to fight as who should be Kusuo's friend but in the end, the two also got closer and since then went out together with Kusuo. Along with Kusuo, Nendou asks Kaidou out occasionally to eat ramen whenever the school ends.

Hairo Kineshi

For Hairo, Nednou for him is a rival in terms of sports and strengths. Nendou is usually lax in terms of Physical Education but Hairou usually challenges him resulting in Nendou winning.

Toritsuka Reita

Nendou was first ignored by Toritsuka after thinking he's the ghost that always followed him but after learning that it was his father, the two got friendly.

Kuboyasu Aren

Aren and Nendou got friendly after Aren started to hangout with their small group.

Teruhashi Kokomi

As the usual reaction, Nendou would always react the way the usual fanboys react towards Kokomi.

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