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"'Sup Partner! Let's go grab some ramen!"

Nendou Riki, Chapter 4
Riki Nendou

Nendou Riki 1

Arai Hirofumi as Nendou Riki

Kanji 燃堂 力
Romaji Nendou Riki
Birthday August 8th
Relations Nendou Dad (Father)
Nendou Midori (Mother)
Kojikara No. 2 (Pet)
Class 3
Occupation Student
Height About 191 cm
Weight Used to be 79 kg
Blood Type Either O or B
Hair Yellow and Black
Eyes Yellow
Manga Chapter 2
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Ono Daisuke
Miyake Kenta (ONA)
English David Wald
Live Actor Arai Hirofumi
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Riki Nendou (燃堂 力 Nendō Riki) is a dutiful and dull-witted boy. He likes helping people and prioritizing the weak.[1]


Riki is evil in appearance and sloppy in behavior, and thus avoided by his classmates. His defining physical attribute is the scar on his left eye, something that can be used to differentiate between him, his father and mother who all have the same faces. His hair is cut in a weird way with his bangs colored yellow while the rest is black. In school, he wears the standard PK Academy uniform but keeps his uniform open showing a t-shirt. Outside the school, he mostly wears collared shirts.


Riki's dominant traits are his apparent lack of intelligence and the scar on his right eye. Despite his looks, he is actually pretty weak[2]. Nendou is usually idiotic in manner and typically needs things to be explained to him countless times but he still cannot understand it[3].


When Riki was a freshmen, he was introduced as a bully that constantly picks on Kusuo and copies his notes. He later changed and became Kusuo's stalker after thinking that Saiki was the one who saved him. In a time skip, Riki was a sophomore along with Kusuo and Shun and he frequently asks them to eat ramen after school.



  • His childhood dream was to be a carpenter.
  • In his profile, Riki's blood type is said to be either O or B.[4]
  • Kusuo explains that the reason he can't read Riki's mind is because the speed of Riki's thinking is the same as the speed he talks.
  • His name is from the word Psychokinesis (サイコキネシス/念動力, Saikokineshisu/Nen Dou Riki).


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