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Nendou Dad
Kanji 燃堂父
Romaji Nendou Dad
Alias NenDad (by Kusuo)
Birthday September 5
Relations Nendou Riki (Son)
Nendou Midori (Wife)
Height 191cm (alive)
Weight 79kg (alive)
Blood Type Unknown
Hair Yellow and Black
Eyes Yellow
Manga Chapter 17
Anime Episode 8
Voice Actors
Japanese Daisuke Ono
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Nendou Dad was first introduced[1] as Reita's spirit guardian. He later shows up and continued to bug Kusuo because he entertains him. Nendou also calls him partner just like his son[2] does. He also likes ramen and once asked Kusuo to eat with him (when he was alive during Kusuo's accidental time travel).


  1. Chapter 17
  2. Chapter 39


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