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Nakanishi Kouta (中西宏太 Nakanishi Kōta), known professionally as Chouno Uryoku (蝶野雨緑 Chōno Uryoku), was married to Nendou Riki's mom in the past.


He's a homeless magician that first appeared playing tricks in the street with his partner Michael. Basically Chouno goes in and out of being a homeless failure and a semi-successful magician. Saiki ends up helping him out every once and a while just on a whim, but doesn’t think very highly of him. Chouno has seen some of Saiki's powers, but thinks it's just stage magic. Because of this, he treats Saiki like a veteran illusionist and even calls him "master". At his most successful, Chouno had a weird comedy magic act going on.[1]


  • He used to work at a very famous publishing company.
  • Nakanishi Kouta (中西 宏太) -> Naka ni Shikonda -> hidden within (ie- like hidden up a magician’s sleeve)
  • His stage name is a pun on "supernatural power" (超能力 chou nouryoku).


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