Murakami Shouko

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Shouko enrolled at PK Academy 20 years ago and met her husband Higashino Bungo in the PK Academy Library.


Kusuo got to know her love story when he accidentally used Psychometry and touched the book called "Detective Kouenji Tsukasa's Case Files." The flashback started and he got to know about the reader instead.

Past Story

Shouko took a book which coincidentally about to taken too by Bungo. The two started to get to know each other after learning they both have the same love for the book DKT. After school on another flashback of Kusuo's Psychometry, Bungo confessed his love for Shouko and the two started to go out. However, Shouko had a fiance. Another scene changes and the two fought for Shouko who was crying. Bungo was almost beaten but due to the book he hid on his stomach, the punches of Shouko's fiance was not effective.

Present Story

Bungo and Shouko had an unnamed son who was the librarian for PK Academy and Kusuo concluded that Bungo won the fight.

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