Mizuhara Ichirou
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Character Name
Full Name Mizuhara Ichirou
Kanji 水原 一郎
Furigana みずはら いちろう
Personal Info
Epithet Walking Film Encyclopedia
Birthday May 5
Blood type O
Gender Male
Affiliation Video Rental Store
Occupation Business man
Manga Debut Chapter 118

Ichirou Mizuhara (水原 一郎, みずはら いちろう lit. Mizuhara Ichirou) is the store owner of the video rental store that Kusuo frequents to. On holidays, Kusuo calls him as the "walking film encyclopedia" from the fact that he knows a lot of films. He met Takahashi once when he tried to borrow an 18+ forbidden DVD which subjected him to a long sermon.


  • Mizuhara Ichirou's full name and character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]


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