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Masuda Shuuji


Young Shuuji

Character Name
Full Name Masuda Shuuji
Kanji 益田 秀治
Furigana ますだ ひではる
Personal Info
Birthday February 20
Blood type O
Gender Male
School PK Academy
Manga Debut Chapter 133

Shuuji Masuda (益田 秀治, ますだ ひではる lit. Masuda Shuuji) was a classmate of Kurumi way back in Junior High and was popular as he served as the Tennis Club Captain. However, now he has become a vile character with his hair falling off on the back side of his head.

Using his enormous wealth, he creates a false reunion with his classmates and paid a handsome amount of money just to get in contact with Dr. Kusuke. Shuuji licenses Kusuke's invention and patents it in his own name, pissing Kurumi off who then beats him up.


  • Masuda Shuuji's character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]


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