Makino Arisu
Character Name
Full Name Makino Arisu
Kanji 万城乃 亜リ栖
Furigana まきの ありす
Personal Info
Birthday February 28
Blood type AB
Gender Female
Height 157cm
Weight 46kg
Affiliation Occult Club
School PK Academy
Year/Course 1st year
Manga Debut Chapter 96

Arisu Makino (万城乃 亜リ栖, まきの ありす lit. Makino Arisu) is a member of Occult Club. She was at first shown as shady and creepy looking but due to Yumehara Chiyo's influence, she had changed her image.


Arisu sports a long wavy bangs that conceals her face. It was later revealed that she has slanted eyes and freckled cheeks. In Junior high, she used to read 3000 books about black magic and necromancy. She first appeared when Toritsuka begged Kusuo to join the Occult Club and later, after a haunting incident Toritsuka fell in love with Arisu.


  • She manages a popular website under the name Shimoyanagi Atsumi (下柳敦美, しもやなぎ あつみ).
  • Her character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]



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