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Kojikara No. 2
Kojikara 2
Kanji 小力2号
Romaji Kojikara No. 2
Birthday April 12
Relations Nendou Riki (Owner)
Blood Type O
Manga Chapter 135
Voice Actors
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Kojikara No. 2 is a hamster that Nendou kept in his house. It speaks in Kansai dialect. He had a series of unfortunate disownment from a boy to Kusuo→Hairo→Kaidou→Yumehara→Teruhashi→Nendou and Nendou is the only person who finally took him in. He was later shown to have completely been close to Nendou.


  • Kojikara No. 2's character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]


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