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Kaidou Sora
Kaidou Sora
Character Name
Full Name Kaidou Sora
Kanji 海藤 空
Furigana かいどう そら
Personal Info
Gender Female
Occupation Grade school student
Year/Course 2nd grade
Manga Debut Chapter 213

Sora Kaidou (海藤 空, かいどう そら lit. Kaidou Sora) is Shun's little sister.


Sora has shoulder length that has wavy ends and bangs secured with hairpins that forms an x. She wears eyeglasses like her mother. Sora was first seen wearing overalls with collared shirt.


Sora appears to be short-tempered and scary like their Mom, she was serious into studying. Shun can't stand up to her and she threatens him that if he's being too loud she will tell their Mom.


  • Toki 時 means time, and Sora 空 means sky (or empty), but when 空 is combined with the character 間 it becomes kuukan 空間 meaning “space” (like physical space, not outer space)- so when you put their names together (with the kaidou -> kan idou) you get Jikuukan Idou (時空間移動) = travel through time-space (ie another way to say time travel)[1]



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