The Jet-Black Wing, Kaidou Shun

Three Men, a Little Girl, a Policeman and a Dog

Hot-blooded Dodgeball! (Part 1-2)

Burn! PK Academy Sports Festival! (1-3)

How PSIspicious! The Dark Reunion!

Beach PSIde Summer Story

Gifted with Beauty and PSIgacity! Teruhashi Kokomi

School is Back in PSIssion! Nendou's Melancholy

Escape with the InvinPSIble Camouflage!!

The Hair That Burned Out

Burning Right! Disaster Drill!!!

Teruhashi-san's Psig Ordeal

To Prevent a Psisaster

ExPSIbition! Jump Festa

Get excited! PSIlnent night!

A PSIreously Annoying New Year's (Part 1-2)

Chocolate FePSIvle!

Leave it to Chance! A TroublePSIme Final Exam!

ImpoPSIble to intervene!? Nendou vs Kaidou!

The State of Mera-san's PSInances

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