"I will protect the world! For I am the Jet-Black Wings!"

Kaidou Shun, Chapter 3
Kaidou Shun

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Character Name
Full Name Shun Kaidou
Kanji 海藤 瞬
  • The Jet Black Wings (by self)
  • Runt (by Nendou)
Personal Info
Age 17
Height 159 cm
Weight 45 kg
Affiliation Occult club
  • Student
  • Waiter (formerly)
School PK Academy
Year/Course Year 2 class 3
Manga chapter 06
Anime episode 1
Voice Actors

Shun Kaidou (海藤 瞬 Kaidō Shun) is classified by his classmates as a Chuunibyou. He names himself The Jet-Black Wings (漆黒の翼) and thinks that the world and its events are overseen and controlled by an evil organization called Dark Reunion.[1] For showing off out of the blue, everyone cast him as an odd man. He may be a show off but when push comes to shove, he has a good sense of justice and endangers himself for others.[2]


When Shun was in middle school, he had the persona of a nerd and used to have his hair down, covering his face with his bangs and wearing glasses that covers almost half his face. However, with the intent of gaining friends, he started planning to change himself when he entered high school. Currently, his hair is spiky and he wears contact lens. An open proof that anyone can see of his being a chuunibyou is on both of his arms, which he covers with bandages claiming that its purpose was to seal his powers.

During school days, he wears the standard male student uniform of PK Academy with his uniform merely hanging on his shoulders showing his shirt inside and his bandaged arms. During his days off, he is shown to wear t-shirts with arm extensions or long sleeves and when he wears short sleeves, he wraps his arms with bandages.


Shun Split personality
Shun used to be shy in middle school thus he had no friends at all. After attending PK Academy, he started changing his personality with the plan of becoming adult-like. However, he instead caught the "chuunibyou syndrome". Thus, he had never been able to change his personality ever again. Instead, he developed a split-personality which happens when he feels hopeless or when he is with strangers, such as when he asked around on Kusuo's neighborhood and when he is with his mother who doesn't know he's a chuunibyou.

Shun has a delusional mind and a wild imagination. Despite thinking he'd be able to be cool and strong in front of Kusuo[3], the opposite usually happens and he sweats hard, showing how cowardly he is regardless of his reckless behavior. He is also easy to judge others like how he thought Riki was a lolicon and that Riki and Kineshi were gay for each other.[4]



Shun lived through his life as a nerd and decided to change himself to make a lot of friends in High School by changing his personality by going into the phase of chuunibyou.When he was a freshman in PK Academy he got acquainted with Mineo Nobuaki who taught the latter about chuunibyou and eventually started to befriend Kusuo. Kusuo doesn't want to get along with him but after learning that Shun accidentally saw him teleporting near his neighborhood, Kusuo had no other choice but to keep tracks on Shun's actions. It was later revealed that Shun was so keen on getting close with Kusuo because he really wanted him as a friend and sees as an outcast an ally and that Shun really hadn't seen Kusuo's face when he teleported.



  • (To himself) "I will protect the world! For I am the Jet Black Wings!"


  • His name is from the word Teleportation (瞬間移動, Shunkan Idou).
  • His guardian spirit is a chihuahua.[5]
  • His character song is titled "Bloody Moon" which he sang in Episode 18.


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