Mrs. Kaidou
Profile Kaidou Mom
Character Name
Full Name Mrs. Kaidou
Personal Info
Age 40 years old
Birthday October 14
Blood type AB
Gender Female
Height 163cm
Weight 49kg
Occupation Housewife
Manga Debut Chapter 51
Anime Debut Episode 10
English Voice Anastasia Munoz
Japanese Voice Tsunematsu Ayumi

Mrs. Kaidou is the mother of Shun, Toki and Sora.


She is an intelligent woman who wears glasses and is tough, enthusiastic and disciplined when it comes to her son's education. Education is highly prioritized for her, which can be shown by her telling her kid that studying daily will get him an instant ticket to a first class university. She was once a career woman in the prime of life but turned into house-wife the moment she got married.


  • Her character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]
  • Her husband is alive but he hasn't been seen.



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