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Iridatsu Yuuta is a neighborhood boy. He first met Saiki Kusuo after his balloon got blown up high and the latter caught it for him. He got attached to Kusuo and Kokomi in the later chapters.


Yuuta first met Kusuo when he helped him get his balloon back and leaped so high that it convinced the boy he was Cyborg Cider-man #2. Yuuta got attached to him and out of desperation to get rid of him, Kusuo went around attempting find his mother for him. It was later revealed that Yuuta was Kusuo's new neighbor who had just moved there the other day.[1]

Kokomi angry
Yuuta frequents in the Saiki House and became a minor annoyance to Kusuo but he later finds him useful after Yuuta innocently makes Kokomi feel bad. At first, Yuuta became a barrier between Kusuo and Kokomi but he later got attached to Kokomi as well when he noticed her resemblance to Peached T-Girl in the TV show he likes.[2]


  • A pun on his name is yuutai ridatsu, or an out of body experience.[3]


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