The Trivia Guidelines is a set of guidelines in order to better help users understand how to correctly utilize trivia sections to prevent them from having unnecessary information or misplace information in the wrong section. Take note that all cases pertaining to trivia should be looked at as a case-to-case basis.

Should Trivia be allowed?

Yes and no! The Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan's Community in particular feels the need to include the trivia sections. This wikia isn't a indiscriminate collection of information that is importance to the Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan franchise. However, while we can do our best to select information relevant to article's trivia section, take note it is extremely complex to dictate the inclusion of what goes into the sections because the importance of information is "subjective". However, we must not disallow information because editors feel it is "unimportant" and it may be important to readers. In addition, such points can later be used for integrating. Nevertheless, articles on the wiki should read in a straightforward but well-organized way.

Our policies still apply!

Some Trivia found outside the Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Wikia may contain speculation, invented "facts", or even defamation. However, whatever the case may be, our rules still apply. You must cite your references like anything else. Rumors on websites such as IMDB do not count as sources. Trivia must also be of neutral-point-of-view and and no original research.


Here's some examples of trivia to avoid:

Kusuo likes coffee jello out of all sweets.

Such examples is best fit for our "Personality" section. These sort of examples when in trivia aren't wrong. They can be integrated into the articles itself!

Shun is speculated to know Kokomi likes Kusuo.

This is a sort of trivia to avoid. Speculation is not accepted on the Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan Wikia. No matter If an entire community feels the speculation to be correct. Mass speculation is not confirmation.

Many readers feel uncomfortable with Makoto's sibling love to Kokomi.

This sort of trivia is similar to the last trivia except this one is not speculation and falls into more of a category of libel. While it is entirely possible for a reader to feel uncomfortable with such themes, we give readers the benefit of the doubt and assume they're smart readers. This is a work of fiction that possesses allusions to religion and historical figures and events as well as explore mature themes. It is not an editor's duty to inform them of what themes have made readers uncomfortable. Such statement is also an assumption unless one can be "many readers".

guideline copied from soul eater