Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa
EP 19 part 1
Kanji 万Ψ!ツンデレおじいちゃん
Rōmaji Man PS! Tsundere ojīchan
Man man PS! Tsundere ojīchan
PS hate no yuenchi e yōkoso!
PS mi (saichen)! Sofubo to no wakare
Iwai gēmu-ka! Saitō kunio no ch-dan
FUNimation Title Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa
Hip, Hip, Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa
Welcome to the Farthest Amusement Park!
See you again! Saying Goodbye to the Grandparents
Congratulations on the Video Game Release! Kunio Saitou's Horror Stories
Date Released November 20, 2016
Episode Episode 19 (Special 91-95)
Arc Chapter 92
Chapter 93
Chapter 94
Chapter 95
Opening Song Sai Psi Sai Kouchou
Ending Song Kokoro
Episode Guide
Episode 18
Episode 20

Saiki and his parents take a trip to the countryside to visit his mother's parents during his spring break. While his grandmother is very welcoming, his grandfather doesn't seem that happy to see them.

Characters Appeared

Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa

Kusuo visits his grandparents while on a family vacation with his parents. Although his grandfather acts displeased to see them, he's truly happy and goes to another room to hide his emotions.

Hip, Hip, Hurray! Tsundere Grandpa

Kumagoro is still happy about his daughter and grandson coming over to visit. Kurumi brought him castella as a gift, and Kusuo brings it over to him so that they can spend time together. Kumagoro sees a brochure for an amusement park and the family ends up traveling there.

Welcome to the Farthest Amusement Park!

They discover that the amusement park is old and rundown, with the rides looking dangerous. Kusuo gets annoyed when Kumagoro insults his father and tries to teach him a lesson, but ends up respecting his grandpa.

See you again! Saying Goodbye to the Grandparents

Their vacation is over, but Kumagoro can't accept that they're leaving already. He tried tricking them by siphoning all of his car's gas so that they would be late for their train ride. Kusuo decides that it's finally time to reveal his powers to his grandparents.

Congratulations on the Video Game Release! Kunio Saitou's Horror Stories

Kusuo plays Kunio Saitou's Horror Stories on his 3DS, which is a parody of the Saiki game that was recently released on 3DS. However, he hypnotizes the viewers of the anime to visualize all the characters of the game as the characters from Saiki Kusuo no Psi Nan. The game involves various characters acting as roadblocks for Kusuo, with dialogue boxes popping up where Kusuo chooses what he should do in each situation.


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