Clairvoyance Mikiko
Clairvoyance Mikiko
Character Name
Full Name Clairvoyance Mikiko
Kanji クレヤボヤンス☆魅希呼
Furigana クレヤボヤンス・ミキコ
Personal Info
Birthday May 13
Blood type B
Gender Female
Occupation Fortune Teller
Manga Debut Chapter 28
Anime Debut Episode 6
English Voice Rachel Robinson
Japanese Voice Sachiko Kojima

Clairvoyance Mikiko (クレヤボヤンス☆魅希呼, クレヤボヤンス・ミキコ) is a fake fortune-teller that scams people. She sold a 30,000 yen mysterious necklace to Kaidou, claiming that it would help him make friends with Kusuo. However, the necklace was actually just a normal and cheap necklace that only costs 500 yen. Kusuo who around all the time watching Kaidou interacting with her thought that she should be dealt with. Despite all of this, Kusuo respects her ability to give appropriate advice for her customers.


  • Clairvoyance Mikiko's character profile was found in the character guidebook.[1]