PSIpporting Re-Education
Chapter 91
Volume Volume 9
Chapter Chapter 91
English PSIpporting Re-Education
Page 17
Date July 4, 2014
Issue 978-4-08-880072-1
Episode Episode 89
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Chapter 91 is the ninety-first chapter of Volume 9 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published in the 4th of July 2014.


Abilities Used



Senior student Kongou is in constant trouble and under threat of being held back for another year of high school. Saiki attempts to help him out simply because he feels bad that Matsuzaki tries so hard to help Kongou out and that Kongou gives PK academy a bad name. Though Kongou ends up cleaning up his act he still has to repeat the grade because he had to many absences.

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