RedePSIgning the Saikis' House!? A Dramatic Overhaul
Chapter 9
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 9
Kanji 斉木家Ψ建!?劇的大改造!!
Romaji Saiki-ke Saiken!? Gekiteki Daikaizō!!
English RedePSIgning the Saikis' House!? A Dramatic Overhaul!!
Page 16 pages
Date December 4, 2012
Issue 978-4-08-870556-9
Episode Episode 2
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RedePSIgning the Saikis' House!? A Dramatic Overhaul!! is the ninth chapter of Volume 2 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December 2012.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Super Strength
  • Restoration


Kuniharu asked Kusuo to help him carrying some things as his parents renovates their rooms after having to separate their king sized bed. Kusuo rejects it because his father lazily reason out that he has to carry his mother so had to do it. Using telekinesis, Kusuo moves their things and the dilemma started. First, they can't open the  window and when Kusuo moves the bed, the closet this time cannot be opened and then the door. The only option left is to break the wall to which scared his parents when Kusuo flicked his finger and the wall breaks. After that, another problem occur as Kusuo's parents realized how big their room is after breaking the wall and so they started to think of what they should add to which Kusuo strongly disagree. Then as they started to arrange the room once again, Kusuo's parents decided to just go with their first arrangement and Kusuo now have to refix the wall he just destroyed. However, a flaw to his power is that those that were done in the moment after the wall was destroyed will be brought back to its original place. Much to Kurumi and Kuniharu's demise, they are back to their original room separated from each other.  

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