The New Year PSIcle
Chapter 82
Volume Volume 8
Chapter Chapter 82
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The New Year PSIcle is the eighty-second chapter of Volume 8 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of April 2014.


Abilities Used

  • Telekinesis


It was the new year and Shun was wearing a surgical mask as he had caught a cold. However, when Kineshi questioned him about it, he claims that it was Dark Reunion who had caused him to fall sick. Riki and Kineshi then thought about how they had never had a fever before. Shun, not wanting to look weak in front of his friends, points at Aren, who was also wearing a surgical mask. He thought that Aren had a could as well, but actually, wearing a mask was a fashion statement for delinquents. Later in school, Riki overhears a student saying that it was his first time laughing this new year. Riki gets an idea, and walks up to Shun and slaps him, saying that that was the latter's first slap of the year. He then starts to do a variety of weird faces and actions, which annoys Shun. Riki then notices Chisato gobbling down a bowl of ramen and asks her if that was her first ramen of the year. She corrects him and says it was her first meal of the year. Kusuo and Shun looked shocked as she had somehow survived for 20 days into the New Years eating snow and grass. Kusuo then overhears Takahashi talking about how he wondered what the Earth looked like from outer space. Kusuo thinks about how he had the same question as a kid, but when he actually flew to space to look at Earth, his only thought was that "the Earth was blue". Reita then comes in to bother him, and told him how he managed to make money off letting people hit the Bonshō, which annoyed Kusuo. Later at home, Kuniharu was enjoying the warmth of a Kotatsu with Kusuo when he realized that he had finished all the mandarin oranges. He gets up to get more, lamenting about how he wished he had Psychic powers so he did not have to leave the table when suddenly Kusuo uses Telekinesis to pull a mandarin towards him. Kuniharu scolds him for becoming lazy due to his psychic powers, which annoys Kusuo. He then gets up to go to the restroom, only to see that Kusuo had entered it before him on purpose. At Chiyo's house, she is horrified when she realized that she had gained weight. She tries to blame her weight gain on the items that she is wearing, and removes her hairband, believing that it was the reason she was heavy. Back in school, it started to snow and the students started to have a snowball fight. Riki invites Kineshi to have a snowball fight with him. Hot blooded and determined to finally defeat Riki, Kineshi picked up a snowball, but much to his shock, it melted in his hands. All around him, snow started to melt, leaving Kineshi dumbfounded while the students kept yelling 'Hairo, its melting, its melting!" At Kokomi's house, she is busy wondering why Kusuo did not send a reply letter back to her after she sent him one. She started having crazy thoughts. Kusuo is shown standing at a corner wondering if he should give the letter he wrote to her.