Chapter 78
Chapter 78
Volume Volume 8
Chapter Chapter 78
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InnoPSInt or Guilty?! The Burglary Incident is the seventy-eighth chapter of Volume 8 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of April 2014.


Abilities Used

  • Psychometry
  • Apport
  • Precognition


Shun gets addicted to a detective drama starring Mugami Tooru and starts to act like the detective in the show, which annoys Kusuo. When they reached school, the trio learn that someone had apparently broken a glass door in the school, and stolen an expensive looking vase. With the information he received from Kineshi, Shun deduced that Takahashi was the culprit. This turned out to be false as what actually happened was that Takahashi had gotten mad after being lectured by Matsuzaki and kicked the stand the vase was on, knocking it to the ground and breaking it. Matsuzaki said that he would apologise to the principal with him if Takahashi fixed the vase in one night. The missing vase was completely unrelated to the broken door. Kusuo uses Psychometry on the glass and discovers that he was the one that had broken the door. The night before, Kusuo realised that it was going to rain tomorrow, but he had left his umbrella in school. He thus apported a baseball in his home for his umbrella. The baseball became stuck dangerously in the umbrella rack and shot off, breaking the glass door. Kusuo concludes that he was the one who broke the door, and stated that he was sorry.