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Chapter 76
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Chapter Chapter 76
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The Most PSItunningly Beautiful Girl vs The Man Who Will Never Fall (First Half) is the seventy-sixth chapter of Volume 8 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published in the 4th of April 2014.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy
  • Clairvoyance


The chapter starts with Makoto pervertedly breathing into Kokomi's pillow. When Kokomi comes in and sees him she demands to know what he is doing. Makoto claims he was only taking a nap and that he has important business to discuss with her. Kokomi decides that as long as it was only nap him laying in her bed is fine but that she needs to change out of her school uniform before she hears what he has to say. Makoto attempts to stay in the room by claiming he will cover his eyes though in reality he is opening them wider. Because of this Kokomi grows angry and throws him out. After this Makoto shows up tearfully at Kusuo's house and tells him about their fight or what he calls "A lover's spat". Kusuo is disturbed by the terminology and tells him to get to the point hoping he will leave. Makoto goes on to explain that the drama he is staring in will be shooting in their town and that he is afraid that the industry people will recruit Kokomi on site thus monopolizing all of her time. He would have liked to warn Kokomi himself but is unable to because of their current "lover's spat" and tells Kusuo to deliver the message without coming within 10 meters of her and avoiding eye contact. Kusuo decides that he will deliver the message as Kokomi becoming famous would disrupt his daily life. Upon learning that her brother has troubled Kusuo, Kokomi decides that she must make up for it by letting him go on a date with her. Kusuo was about to turn her down but gave in once he saw how flustered she got at his initial pause. Due to the the filming being in their town they travel to the town over where Kokomi decides to take Kusuo to a cafe that she had been to previously with her brother. Kokomi leads Kusuo with a huge smile on her face while imaging how pleased Kusuo must be and the amount of "Oufs" from him she is sure to get. In reality Kusuo is trailing behind unhappy with the date, amount of attention Kokomi is naturally bringing, and the resulting blood lust being directed towards him. The cafe turns out to be closed leading them to search the nearby shopping district for another place to eat. They search the shopping district for an hour only to find that it is a tatami shop central with no restaurants. In the distance Kokomi sees a cup sign in front of a store and runs up to it excited to be saved from such an awkward situation only to find that it is another tatami shop. Nearby men notice her dismay and help direct her to a new one while simultaneously stepping on Kusuo's feet. They both sit down at the table where Kokomi responds to her newfound admirers and Kusuo uses his Clairvoyance to check on the filming in hopes of being able to leave soon. While checking he sees that the directors have decided to change the location to the town they are in and that Makoto is already on his way. Kusuo decides that they must leave immediately...after they finish their cake.