Let's Go to the Cultural FestPSIval After Party!
Chapter 74
Volume Volume 8
Chapter Chapter 74
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Let's Go to the Cultural FestPSIval After Party! is the seventy-forth chapter of Volume 8 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published in the 4th of April 2014.


Abilities Used

  • Teleportation


Kusuo, Shun and Riki were heading to their class's celebration party for winning the PK Fest. Riki and Shun lost their way and calls Kineshi to give them directions. Kusuo actually knew the way to the restaurant, but did not want to help them because he did not feel like going. Due to Shun and Riki misunderstanding Kineshi's instructions, they ended up in a place filled with thugs instead. Riki provokes the thugs unintentionally and they were lead into an abandoned looking building. Impressed with their determination to get to the party, Kusuo waited until they were inside the building and away from the thugs' sight before teleporting them into the restaurant the party was held. However, the party was already over when they reached.