PK Academy's School FesPSIval! (1st half)
Chapter 71
Volume Volume 7
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PK Academy's School FesPSIval! (1st half) is the seventy-first chapter of Volume 7 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December, 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy
  • Petrification


Kusuo's classmates finish their rock display and the class goes off to enjoy themselves at the other booths set up by the other classes in the PK Fest. Kusuo, Riki, Aren and Shun go to see the PK Academy beauty contest as they thought that Kokomi was participating. To Riki, Shun and Aren's disappointment, she was not participating so they left with Kusuo. They then wander around, looking for an interesting Cafe or Haunted House to enter. Kusuo spy a cafe serving Coffee Jello and wanted to go there, but Riki wanted to go to a haunted house-themed cafe instead. Shun argues that watching ghosts and drinking coffee was not fun, and just as they were about to walk away, they spot some students from another school laughing at how boring and low quality PK Academy's things were. Angered at their words, Aren attacks them as they enter another Haunted House, causing them to scream in fear. The trio enter as well, and Shun freaks out at the smallest of things. As they enter a darker part of the Haunted House, they encounter a student who tries to scare them, but he foamed in the mouth and fainted in fright instead upon seeing Riki's face. They hid the fainted student and decided to dress up and take over at scaring the next customers as it was their fault that the student had fainted. As they try to scare the next customers, it turns out that it was Nendou Midori, Riki's mother. Shun, terrified by Midori's scary face, fainted as well. After leaving the Haunted House, they learn that Midori had become friends with Kurumi and Kuniharu. Kusuo and Riki go to change out of their costumes. In the bathroom, Kusuo takes off his glasses to wash the fake blood off his face. When he put his glasses back on, he realised that he had instead put on the googly eyeball glasses Riki had been wearing earlier. Riki had switched Kusuo's glasses as a prank. Kusuo faces Riki and asks for his glasses back, but suddenly remembered his permanently activated Petrification powers and quickly covers his eyes. However, it was too late as Riki was turned into a stone statue. Kusuo's glasses fall to the ground and shattered.