APSImble! Nendou Family
Chapter 67
Volume Volume 7
Chapter Chapter 67
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APSImble! Nendou Family is the sixty-seventh chapter of Volume 7 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Astral Projection


Kusuo and Shun join Riki to pay respects to Nendou's dad at his grave. Kusuo questions what Shun and Riki were praying to as they were praying to the gravestone, while NenDad was actually standing next to Kusuo. Midori joins them after a while and Kusuo bemoans his misfortune at seeing 3 Nendous. They go to Riki's house, and on the way, Shun gets extremely confused over both the Nendous as they both looked extremely alike. NenDad followed along as he felt strangely curious about the mother and son, laughing on how similar they looked. When they reach the Nendou House, Midori went to the kitchen to prepare food for the guests. Meanwhile, Riki lead them to his room, where Shun tries to get his revenge after the time (Chapter 51) Riki messed up his room. He dug around in search of pervy magazines and manages to find one, blushing fiercely when he sees the pictures inside. Kusuo questions what he is trying to achieve, and meanwhile NenDad sees a picture of himself. Kusuo wonders how he would react, but NenDad had no idea what he look liked and hence did not know it was himself, and instead bursts out laughing at the fact that all three of them look the same. Midori comes in and sits down in front of the picture, saying that although 17 years had passed since NenDad passed away, she still felt that he was closeby. Kusuo confirms that he was, as Midori was sitting in NenDad's face. After Midori leaves, NenDad suddenly fell in love with Midori. He begs Kusuo to help him, and that he could finally rest in peace without regrets after confessing to her. Kusuo agrees to help him in an attempt to get rid of him, and uses Astral Projection, allowing NenDad to enter Riki's body and confess to Midori his love for her. NenDad departed peacefully after he told her, but came back after Midori misunderstands the situation.