Transfer Student ~NiPSI to Meet You~
Chapter 66
Volume Volume 7
Chapter Chapter 66
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Transfer Student ~NiPSI to Meet You~ is the sixty-sixth chapter of Volume 7 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy


Aren tries to make some friends in his new school. After considering Takahashi and Riki for a while, he decides to try making friends with Kusuo instead, since Takahashi looked like an idiot and Riki looked like a delinquent, while Kusuo looked like a normal student. He goes over and talks to Kusuo, and did not stop even though the latter kept ignoring him. Kusuo then shows him his "annoyed face". Aren took the hint and left Kusuo alone. All of a sudden, Shun appears and starts talking about his Chuunibyou Story to Aren, who confuses Shun's Chuunibyou gibberish with real bike gangs and thought that Shun was like him. While he walked down a corridor, happy that he had found someone "just like him", he ran into Reita, who kept talking about girls. Aren realised that Reita was just a pervert obsessed with girls, but thought that having a friend like him would not be bad either. However, as soon as Aren said that he was previously from a boys' school and had no girls to introduce him to, Reita ditched him instantly. Aren furiously wandered down the corridor when he bumped into Kokomi, and fell in love with her instantly. As he considered carving "Kokomi" onto his shoulder, he then sees Kineshi doing sit-ups in the corridor. Aren starts to walk away quickly as he thought that mixing with a weirdo like him would be bad, but was shocked to realise that the latter was actually very popular with his classmates, and was a great person. He shakes hands with Kineshi, pleased to make friends with the latter. He was later surprised to learn that such a strong person like Kineshi had someone that he considered a formidable opponent, and was even more so to learn that the person was none other than Nendou Riki. Riki then calls out to someone, calling out "pal". Aren wonders who a person that even Kineshi thought was a strong opponent, could possibly consider his equal. He is shocked to realise that it was Kusuo, and even more shocked to realise that all the students that he met earlier were all crowding around Kusuo. Kusuo shows his frustration at everyone gathered around him and vowed never to use his annoyed face again.