PSIborg Sodaman Mark II vs. Mysterious Being Lemonade
Chapter 63
Volume Volume 7
Chapter Chapter 63
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PSIborg Sodaman Mark II vs. Mysterious Being Lemonade is the sixty-third chapter of Volume 7 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Telekinesis


Kusuo was at home alone, enjoying his holiday as he could finally enjoy a peaceful day without people bothering him. As he was doing his homework, the doorbell rang and he was greeted by Yuuta, a boy living next door. He spent some time staring around Kusuo's house in awe, wondering why cider wasn't coming out of the tap before telling Kusuo that he wanted to watch a Cyborg Sodaman Mark II show. Kusuo allows Yuuta to watch the show and Yuuta starts cheering noisily when the show started. Cyborg Sodaman defeats a villain, the lemon fiend in the show. Yuuta now wanted to drink lemon cider and starts pestering Kusuo noisily once more. Kusuo refuses, but a hand carrying three bottles of cider suddenly appear before them. It was Riki, who had barged into Kusuo's house without knocking. Annoyed, Kusuo attacks Riki with a bottle of lemon cider, using Telekinesis to throw the bottle, hitting Riki so hard that he got a nosebleed. Yuuta steps in to stop the fight and asks if Riki was okay, but was terrified when he realised that Riki looked just like Baron Cola, another villain in the show he likes. Realising that that was the reason why Yuuta was so scared, Riki tries to calm him down, but his scary face only freaks Yuuta out even more and causes the boy to run crying out of the Saiki House.Riki asks Kusuo if Yuuta was okay and if he wanted to go out and get some ramen with him. Irritated, Kusuo blasts Riki out of his house with Telekinesis.