PSI ya later! The Okinawa School Trip
Chapter 61
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Chapter 61
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PSI ya later! The Okinawa School Trip is the sixty-first chapter of Volume 6 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of September 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Hypnosis


It was the students' last day in Okinawa. Kusuo, Riki and Shun were walking down the Okinawa streets. While Riki and Shun argue, Kusuo thinks about how he needed to lose Riki and Shun in order to eat the special Coffee Red Bean Anmitsu. (Only five are sold everyday.) He manages to do so while Riki and Shun were buying souvenirs. Now on his own on the streets, Kusuo quickly walks towards the shop that sold the Anmitsu. However, halfway through his journey, he saw Murata and Jaga, who had gathered around Takahashi, who was experiencing extreme stomach pains. Since Kusuo had been turning back time on Takahashi's body every time the latter experienced stomach pains after the plane flight, his stomach pain was not cured. Kusuo initially planned on ignoring Takahashi, but Murata spotted him and yelled at him to get a teacher. Kusuo had no choice but to go and call Matsuzaki over to help Takahashi. He had barely gone a few paces away from the trio when his path was suddenly blocked by Makoto Teruhashi, who had came to Okinawa to find Kokomi. He demands to know where Kokomi was, and Kusuo points at a random girl in his class, and used Hypnosis on her so that she looked like Kokomi. Not knowing that, Makoto runs up and hugs the girl from behind. The girl, delighted to see him (Makoto is a famous movie star) yelled out his name and Makoto found himself instantly surrounded by girls asking for his autograph. Kusuo takes advantage of the crowd and continues on his way. He finally reaches the shop but realised that Riki, Shun, Chiyo, Kokomi and Chisato were already in the shop before he opens the shop door. He goes in anyway and asks the shop owner for the Red Bean Anmitsu, but was told that all five of the Anmitsu had been sold to his five classmates. Kusuo was about to leave the store when Riki suddenly offered some of his Anmitsu to Kusuo. Everyone else agreed to share a little of their Anmitsu and soon, Kusuo had the most Anmitsu out of everybody. The chapter ends with Kusuo smiling as he ate the Anmitsu.