Here we go! The Okinawa PSIchool Trip
Chapter 60
Volume Volume 6
Chapter Chapter 60
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Here we go! The Okinawa PSIchool Trip is the sixtieth chapter of Volume 6 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of September 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation


Kusuo wakes up in his bedroom at 5:30 am, thinking how there was indeed no place like home before teleporting back to his hotel room. At breakfast, Kokomi was feeling too embarrassed to look at Kusuo after the "dream" she had last night. It was revealed via Chiyo that Reita had spent his time as Kokomi in the girls' room last night trying to get the girls to play pervy games. Overhearing this, Kusuo angrily cursed Reita in his head. Later, the class board a bus to go visit an Aquarium, then a pineapple garden and finally, the beach. Chiyo gets excited as she wanted to impress Kusuo in her swimsuit. She had trained tirelessly to obtain a perfect figure in anticipation for this day. When they finally reach the beach, Kokomi makes a big entrance from the changing room, impressing every boy there except for Kusuo. Kokomi was disappointed when she realised that Kusuo was still unimpressed with her. Chiyo did not have the courage to leave the changing rooms after Kokomi, and when she left the changing room, she was disappointed to see that none of the boys bothered to check her out. Seeing that even Chisato got more attention than her, Chiyo got extremely depressed and sat alone on a beach towel. She was soon joined by Shun and the two have a brief conversation before Shun sees her body and blushes. Delighted that her body had triggered some reaction from Shun, she attempts to start another conversation with him but was suddenly interrupted by Kokomi, who had come over to ask if they had seen a ball roll over. Upon seeing her, Shun rolls backwards three times, shocking Chiyo and saddening her again as she saw how big the difference in Shun's reaction to her and Kokomi was. As she silently wishes for someone to say she was cute, two men come over and hit on Kokomi, who was struck speechless at the nerve of the duo. As they start dragging her off, Shun intervenes, ordering them to leave her alone. The two men start arguing with Shun and Chiyo steps in, telling them to go and find someone else to hit on, even threatening to tell the teachers. The men curse at her and mock her, saying that she was probably jealous since no one was hitting on her. Shun was enraged by his words and punches him, demanding that he apologise to Chiyo. The thug soon realises that Shun's punches were rather weak, and was about to attack him when Kusuo secretly uses Telekinesis to pinch the thug's face, causing him to feel great pain and retreat. Chiyo falls for Shun instead, while Kusuo silently praises Shun's actions.