A PSImall Love Story
Chapter 49
Volume Volume 5
Chapter Chapter 49
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A PSImall Love Story is the forty-ninth chapter of Volume 5 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published in the 4th of July 2013.


Abilities Used


The chapter starts with Kusuo transformed into a cat as he was called by Anpu. It was then revealed 5 hours earlier about how the Saiki household being bothered by Anpu's meowing and instead of driving the cat away, Kuniharu gives Anpu cat to Kusuo's dismay. However, Kusuo got an idea of driving him away by being the cupid of Anpu and Pushi, the female who often passes by the Saiki house. Kusuo's plan was to make his catself called Sai push himself towards Pushi and Anpu comes to save Pushi, making her fall for him. The chapter ended with Kusuo's plan backfired at him as his plan to make Pushi fall for Anpu failed due to Kusuo not being able to get there on time as he have to go to restroom so Anpu arrived earlier on the scene causing uneasiness towards Pushi, calling Anpu a pervert. Due to Kusuo's strong strength, instead of just a pat, he instead hit Anpu so strong that he lost conscious and Pushi fell for him.