We’ll get back together for PSIure this time! Chouno Uryoku (Part 2)
Chapter 46
Volume Volume 5
Chapter Chapter 46
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We’ll get back together for PSIure this time! Chouno Uryoku (Part 2) is the forty-sixth chapter of Volume 5 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published in the 4th of July 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy


A flashback on Uryoku's life when he was just 23 years old and where he met his wife named Midori. Kusuo then understood his strong emotion but he can't believe his wife was Riki's mother, worse is that Riki looked identical in face with his mother, Midori. When Uryoku showed Midori the way to the restroom, Kusuo was left with Riki who then almost recognize him but due to his different eyeglasses, Riki didn't think it's him. Then as Kusuo decided to go home, he stumbles upon Midori and Chouno who are talking of his relationship issues making Kusuo disgusted at the image of Riki. Just then Kusuo was stopped by Uryoku telling him they need to perform the sewing device. When they had their performance, Riki volunteered to be the man inside the sewing device pushing Uryoku in a corner. The chapter ended with Uryoku failing in performing the sewing device in fear of hurting Riki. Midori on the other hand gave the latter a helping hand by giving him back the bankbook that Midori took with her. Just when she was about to go, Uryoko says he'll buy the money with a new Sawing Device making Midori angry and kicked him on the guts.