ImpoPSIble to intervene!? Nendou vs Kaidou!
Chapter 44
Volume Volume 5
Chapter Chapter 44
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ImpoPSIble to intervene!? Nendou vs Kaidou! is the forty-forth chapter of Volume 5 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of July 2013.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy


Ramen Hinoki was closed and Kusuo, Riki and Shun are troubled at which place they must go. Just as when Shun complained and Kusuo planned to go home, Riki randomly thought of going inside the arcade to play instead. This sparked an argument between Riki and Shun. It then turned into a fight between the two on arcade to Kusuo's dismay, he followed the two and reminisced his childhood days of when he went to arcade and easily won the game of whack a mole that he was banned due to destroying of property. Riki and Shun then started playing games and both sucked at them so they asked Kusuo what kind of game they should play. Kusuo chose the Air Hockey and the two started playing. The game ended with Shun winning the game by cheating and Riki, without any doubt of him, accepted his defeat making Shun guilty of what he's done. Kusuo then admitted that it's the first time he hadn't interfered with their fight using his psychic powers since he think it's rude to interfere on a showdown of men. The chapter ended with the three take a picture on the picture booth and Kusuo had the look of dismay as Riki and Shun bickers once again.