The Ab-PSI-lute Worst!? Nendou Riki
Chapter 2
Volume Volume 1
Chapter Chapter 2
Kanji 最低Ψ悪!?燃堂力
Romaji Saitei Psi-nan!? Nendō Riki"
English The Ab-PSI-lute Worst!? Nendou Riki
Page 21 pages
Date September 4, 2012
Issue 978-4-08-870504-0
Episode Episode 1
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The Ab-PSI-lute Worst!? Nendou Riki is the second chapter of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published in the 4th of September 2012.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy
  • Pyrokinesis


In the Saiki Household, Kusuo was greeted by his mom with a special bentou as he starts his first day as a 2nd year student of PK Academy. His father then appears and his parents flirt with each other until he took his leave with his father who asked him to teleport him to his work place. At school, the Principal was giving a long speech and Kusuo had a flashback of when he was in kindergarten, where he used his telepathy to always win in the game rock, paper scissors game which created a huge ruckus and had put him into a spotlight. That made him decide not to use his powers in front of other people anymore as to not make himself the product of attention. Kusuo explains that using telepathy, which spans 200 meters, allows him to detect everyone in the range with the exception of Nendou Riki. He is a delinquent who was feared by all students but Kusuo sees him a good person. However, Kusuo changes his mind, thinking that Riki was a horrible person after he administered CPR on Takashi who had suddenly lost consciousness. After a teacher ordered Kusuo and Nendou to take Takahashi to the Infirmary, it was revealed that Takashi was faking his illness. Disgusted that he had his "first kiss" with Riki, Takahashi starts vomiting violently. Matsuzaki, the gym teacher then appears saying how he heard everything that Takahashi said. Takahashi then reasoned with Matsuzaki, lying about how it was Riki who ordered him to faint so that they could skip the opening ceremony, something that Kusuo thought was amazing as Takahashi made it up in a spur of moment but changed his mind after Takahashi lied that Kusuo was also part of it. When Matsuzaki told Kusuo and Riki to come to the teacher's office, Riki suddenly blurted out how Takahashi has a "faking illness" since he was puking and he fainted and that they should take his temperature. Kusuo uses Pyrokinesis on the thermometer, heating it up to 92.8 degrees. Freaking out at how high his temperature was, Matsuzaki and Riki started beating Takahashi up. As an ambulance took Takahashi to the hospital, Kusuo stayed behind in the Infirmary so that he could dispose of the thermometer, which he had slightly melted with his Pyrokinesis. Unfortunately, Riki suddenly appeared to see the flames coming from Kusuo's hands. Surprised by Riki, Kusuo thought that he was finished if Riki exposes him but instead, Riki thought that Kusuo might have caught the "faking illness" too since the thermometer was burning. The Chapter ends with Kusuo being carried towards the ambulance, while he thinks about how Nendou Riki is truly terrifying.

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