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Chapter 144
Volume Volume 14
Chapter Chapter 144
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Chapter 144 is the 144th chapter of Volume 14 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of August, 2015.


Abilities Used

  • Strength


It's Pollen season and Kuniharu mocks his son whos not at all affected by allergies, saying that in the future Kusuo will caught one. Suddenly, when Kusuo was about to rebuke his father, the latter sneezed at the same time their chairs broke apart. Kusuo then announced how he might be having allergies. After finding out about his sneeze-exploding allergy, he was given medicine for the first time to prevent himself from exploding anything near him. In school, Kusuo wore mask hoping to get the day pass by without any problem but Nendou Riki appears and started talking to him. It was almost time to drink his medicine when Nendou forcefully want him to watch the latter sneeze. Kusuo wasn't interested at all but Nendou took his medicine, forcing Kusuo to watch the latter make face as he sneezes wasting his time. Kusuo this time was able to take his medicine and coincidentally sneezes surprising everyone, sadly the medicines that's on Kusuo's hand have exploded when he sneezed and so was his mask wore off fell down and he even trampled on it. Kusuo decided to just teleport home before he blows up anything important but Nendou chases after him. Suddenly, the fire extinguisher exploded when Kusuo sneezed hitting Nendou who then said that he's gonna sneeze now but still fails. It was revealed how he was carrying a plant with pollen. Kusuo then starts running and seeing how Nendou's still chasing him, Kusuo decided to knock him out cold and teleport but he then once again sneezed which destroyed the wall of the school calling out the attention of students. Kusuo, who then thought that pollen would be his downfall saw everyone panic as they cover their eyes from the pollen. He was instead saved by the pollen.

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