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Chapter 141
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Chapter Chapter 141
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Chapter 141 is the 141th chapter of Volume 14 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of August, 2015.






Kusuo comes into school and is confronted by his classmates asking if he is a psychic. It turns out it was Shuns strange idea of an April fools day prank. Shun is going overboard with his "pranks" though, claiming that Matsuzaki is out with the mumps and that the substitute gym teacher is going to have them do wheel gymnastics and that the Tokyo Sky Tree is going to shoot out a huge laser beam. Riki doesn't believe him at first because its April fools day until Shun convinces him that it's actually March 31st and then instantly believes it. Riki runs to the roof to see the laser and Matsuzaki drags Shun away to be scolded. While walking back to class Shun sees a book that blew away from Kusuo freeze in the air before falling. Of course no one believes him that a book was floating in midair thanks to all his lying. While looking for the book to prove it, he sees Riki upon the roof with a camera. While talking Riki drops his camera and Kusuo freezes the camera above Shun's face before lowing it to the ground again. Shun and Riki try to prove it but the camera shatters on the ground. It is revealed that Riki didn't see the camera freeze in the air but believed Shun because they're friends. Shun feels guilty and is about to tell Riki the truth about the Sky Tree laser when Kusuo shoots a laser himself to repay his debt.

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