Gifted with Beauty and PSIgacity! Teruhashi Kokomi
Chapter 13
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 13
Kanji Ψ色兼備!照橋心美
Romaji Sai-iro Kenbi! Teruhashi Kokomi
English Gifted with Beauty and PSIgacity! Teruhashi Kokomi
Page 17 pages
Date December 4, 2012
Issue 978-4-08-870556-9
Episode Episode 1
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Gifted with Beauty and PSIgacity! Teruhashi Kokomi!! is the thirteenth chapter of Volume 2 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December 2012.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation


Passersby stops as they were captured by Kokomi's beauty. Teruhashi Kokomi is a bishoujo[1], a girl born with excessive luck and beauty that it encompasses even genders. Just when she was into her deep narcissistic thoughts of herself, she recognized Kusuo who is walking with a bag of Barley Tea. Thinking that Kusuo is spending his summer alone, drinking barley tea, Kokomi decided to talk to him to gift him a memory he can't forget. She was however, humiliated by Kusuo who merely bowed to her. Kokomi then thought that Kusuo may have been surprised seeing her so he ignored her presence. However, the recent three successful failure at making Kusuo react to Kokomi made her eager more than ever so she continued to stalk him something that Kusuo troubled as he knows how powerful Kokomi is as she was a popular girl in their school and being associated with her is goingto be troublesome so he decided to blend in with the crowd. Riki appears in the crowd which made Kusuo feel cornered because if he sees Kusuo and Kokomi, Kusuo can't continue ignoring her. When he thought he successfully avoided Riki, Kusuo felt relieved however Riki's sudden head twist towards his direction forced the Kusuo to teleport on the saaaaa of a building. Kokomi was then shocked at Kusuo's sudden disappearance and seeing Riki, she asked him thinking he might have seen Kusuo but the said no. The chapter ended with Kokomi concluding she might have feelings for Kusuo and that made Kusuo go 'ouf' an expression that Kokomi fans usually have.


  1. wikipedia:Bishōjo (美少女, literally "beautiful girl", also spelled bishoujo) is a Japanese term used to refer to beautiful young girls, usually below young adult age. Bishōjo is not listed as a word in the prominent Japanese dictionary (Kōjien).

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