Beach PSIde Summer Story
Chapter 12
Volume Volume 2
Chapter Chapter 12
Kanji ビーチΨド 夏物語
Romaji Bīchisaido Natsu Monogatari
English Beach PSIde Summer Story
Page 16 pages
Date December 4, 2012
Issue 978-4-08-870556-9
Episode Episode 3
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Beach PSIde Summer Story!! is the twelfth chapter of Volume 2 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 4th of December 2012.


Abilities Used

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Super strength
  • Hydrokinesis


Kusuo was suddenly greeted at the door by Riki who invites him to go to beach. Much to his disappointment, his mother, who is usually kind and calm, turns scary and orders him to go with his "partner". On the beach, Riki teases Shun, who clearly cannot swim. Its then revealed that Shun was the one who invited them to go to beach. Shun then changed into swimming attire and went for a swim. However, the moment the water touches him, he started to shout for help. Kineshi appears, with his butt publicly showing off as he dives to save the "drowning" Kaidou. Kineshi greets the three and explains that he was on the beach as a volunteer lifeguard. He took off again upon hearing a scream for help. Seeing that no one was interested in swimming, Riki decided to go hit on some girls to which Shun comments that he should take a look at his own face in the mirror. The girls Riki is attempting to hit on started insulting him, much to his chagrin. Rejected, Riki walks back to their beach mat and sees Shun being hit on by girls. Angered, Riki buried him in the sand. Kusuo, who did not want others to know that Riki and Shun were his buddies, escaped to the bottom of the deep sea. Suddenly, he hears Riki and Shun calling out for him, wondering if he had drowned, to which he decides he ought to go back up. Just then, a woman went screaming for help as she was about to drown. Riki realizes that it was the girl that had insulted him earlier but still decided to save her. Surprised by the fact that Shun was swimming alongside him, Riki asked him about it, shocking Shun, who starts drowning, doubling the weight of the people Riki had to carry. Riki was having trouble getting to the shore when Kineshi appears to help him but he suddenly suffered a strain and also started drowning. With three people on his back, Riki too, started drowning. Kusuo then decides to help Riki by holding him up underwater. It ended with the woman apologizing to Riki and Kineshi feeling amazed at the way Riki lived his life, thus earning Riki an admirer.

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