Chapter 05
Volume Volume 0
Chapter Chapter 05
Kanji テレポーテーション
Romaji Tereporteisyon
English Teleportation
Page 19 pages
Date May 2, 2012
Issue 978-4-08-870455-5
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Teleportation is the fifth chapter of Volume 0 of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K (Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan) published on the 2nd of May, 2012.


Abilities Used

  • Teleportation
  • Apport
  • Telepathy


Kusuo is on his way home when he remembered he left his notebook on his desk in school. To get it without going back to the school, he Apported a 100 yen for his notebook, a means of taking something from another place using the exchange of things bearing the same quality. Uryoku suddenly appears behind him and forced Kusuo to come to his live performance. Uryoku introduces his new assistant Janet and Kusuo thinks that Ike-san is way better than her, something that is true as shown when Uryoku started to perform. Janet intentionally makes mistakes as she was actually a spy for another magician. Ike-san suddenly sits next to Kusuo and surprisingly had an extreme make over. Ike-san express his gratitude towards Uryoku and wanted to be his assistant once again. At the same time, Uryoku was doing a magic trick where he had to make Janet appear at the back of the audience. However, she appears on the seat and the crowd was shocked. They became even more shocked when they saw Ike-san who was originally sitting in the seat appearing in the box. They were amazed at the trick and Ike-san asked Uryoku to take him in again as his assistant. However, due to his extreme makeover, Uryoku was confused as to who he was.

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