PK Academy

PK Academy is a private high school where the main protagonist, Saiki Kusuo and his circle of friends attends. In total, it has 542 students of which only two students know that Kusuo has Psi powers.


The school classrooms are labeled according to Psychic Zener Card symbols[1][2][πŸŒ•βž•βˆ­β¬œβœ°].[3] The first number represents the year they're in and the second symbol is a Psychic Zener Card symbol, each one is used in place of a number. So Toritsuka's class is 2 - βž•, where the βž• stands for 2 so he's in 2nd Year - Class 2 and the ∭ looking symbol for Saiki's classroom number stands for 3, so he's in 2nd year - Class 3.



Sports festival

A school event that is usually held every year in the fall. Each class collaborates together as a group and competes against the other classes, fighting for victory.

School excursion

PK events that were done during the 2nd year of the students. Every year in the middle of the summer, their destination is Okinawa.

PK Festival

School event that is usually held every year in the fall.


School event that is usually held every year in the winter.





1st Year

2nd Year


Class 1 was described as the clever class because many were the top ranking students in grade tests. They're not particularly athletic.


Class 2 has the highest proportion of muscular students who are also affiliated with sports clubs. It is said that their physical strengths are at Nendou-level.


Class 3 is mostly composed of main characters.


Class 4 has a resourceful leader and is the second clever class.


Most of these students wear glasses.

3rd Year

Other Students


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  3. ↑ πŸŒ•-1|βž•-2|∭-3|⬜-4|✰-5

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