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Akechi Touma (明智 透真), used to be a classmate of Kusuo in Kindergarten.


Touma has been a classmate of Kusuo until 2nd grade, until one day, Kusuo without thinking had used his powers on a certain accident and was forced to change schools. Touma, curious as why Kusuo had moved, was wondering about the accident whether he's a psychic or not. Later then, because of his parents divorce, he transferred to PK Academy and finally met Kusuo. Kusuo, then wasn't able to recognize him because of his last name before was Asumi and also due to Touma's thoughts quickly changes, Kusuo finds difficulty in reading his thoughts with telepathy. As a result, Kusuo suspected him first as another psychic.


Due to Touma's excessive way of talking, he was avoided by everyone in class. He doesn't have any powers but he can be classified as a genius. Although he's a keen observer, he is blunt and verbose when talking.


Touma has sharp discerning eyes, insights and reasoning ability that he can tell the pasts and the secrets of others just by a slight trivial change of behavior of another.


  • His name, Akechi Touma, is a pun on the word "invisibility".


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