Saiki Kusuo

Mikoto always stalks Kusuo after learning that he is the soul mate she was searching for. She is unabashed towards her feelings for him and often throws "love" filled thoughts to Kusuo. She will openly get flustered when Kusuo praises her and is super clingy towards him.

However, Kusuo isn't bothered at all and he will sometimes use her towards his plan on reverting Kokomi's attention away from him.

Teruhashi Kokomi

Mikoto's first impression of Kokomi was dumbfounding as she can see the aura of a person, she sees Kokomi's aura as a strong one and it resembles of that an angel (though with a few black feathers).

It is unknown if she is aware that the latter likes Kusuo as well.

Yumehara Chiyo

The first female friend Mikoto has and the two got closer after the incident of which Kusuo saved Chiyo from falling off the school building.

Mera Chisato

The second female friend she got close with after she got wound up fortune telling Mera and her family's future. Mikoto is often at the shop where Chisato works (it was because she stalks Kusuo)

Kuboyasu Aren

Mikoto says that she also likes boys like Aren (strong built). She can see Aren's aura with a pompadour. Thanks to his aura, she is somewhat aware of his past as a delinquent. Aren didn't believe in her powers though he did get worried that she knew of his past and got shy at her touching his arm.

Saiki Kumi

Mikoto got close with Kusuo's grandmother, Kumi when the two met in a mall. Before then, Kumi was being criticized for wearing a teenage clothes, which is really not suitable for her. Mikoto however, being a gyaru love those type of clothes that Kumi wears and the two started to talk like they were friends. The meeting of the two worried Kusuo but he later stopped following the two because it was too unbearable. Mikoto then started calling Kumi 'grandmother' and Kumi casts her vote for Mikoto as her granddaughter-in-law.

Toritsuska Reita

Reita fell for Mikoto because of their beauty when he first saw her but after her insult, Reita stopped going after her. Mikoto also dislikes Reita since his aura is a c**k. When he later knew that they both learned about Kusuo's power and that both have psychic powers, they began that battle of whom to become Kusuo's sidekick of which ended in tragedy. They are both members of Occult Club.

Hairo Kineshi

Mikoto is impressed by Hairo's aura.